i'm afraid of life

lying here waiting for sleep to overtake me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

as you may or may not know i have recently re-connected with an old friend. the headphones. and he brought someone with him.
no, it's not pronounced dungeon, but i like to think it was recorded in one. it's the best ROCK album i've heard in years. drum fills, guitar solos, flute breaks, organ FREAK OUTS!!!!
dungen is basically a one man band (which i'm always partial too), with some other swede helpling out on lead guitars.
what's it sound like? cream playing blue cheer covers? ten years after if they were from the future? dinosaur jr. if j. mascis decided to be really honest with himself?
that's not quite it.
the singing is all in swedish but i'm guessing the songs are about knights, and vikings, and magic rings, and demons. and probably satan.
and with my headphones on i am slaying dragons and rescuing maidens right alongside dungen!!!
and there's probably an elf or something with me.